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Company Formation Belgium



More Opportunities for Belgian-Indian Trade


Belgium and India have a well-developed bilateral trade, particularly in the diamond sector. However, experts believe that there is much room for improvement, especially in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sector. Find out more about the Belgian-Indian trade relations and how you can open a company in Belgium if you are an Indian entrepreneur. 

5 Ideas for Small Businesses in Belgium


When deciding to open a company in Belgium choosing the size of the company will have much to do with the available capital as well as with the business field. Small businesses that promote a great and innovative product or service have good chances of expanding on the Belgian market. The country is welcoming for foreign entrepreneurs and offers a multitude of opportunities for investments. Find out what are some ideas for starting small in Belgium.

Tax Recommendations from IMF for Belgium


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued its most recent report concerning Belgium’s tax changes. The IMF has advised Belgium on different occasions that it should consider reducing some taxes for companies and also look towards eliminating certain VAT concessions. Our Belgian company formation agents give you more information about what these tax changes could mean for your business in the country.

Cost of Living in Belgium


When setting up a company in Belgium, the investors should also analyse what will be the general costs of living in one of the country’s cities. Of course, one of the most expensive cities in Belgium is Bruxelles, the largest city of the state. The cost of living in Belgium refers to many aspects, from the price of the food, accommodation, transportation, healthcare and many others. Our team of Belgian company formation representatives can provide an in-depth analysis on the general prices applicable here. 

How to Grow a Business in Belgium


Belgium is an important economy of the European Union (EU), as well as the main centre for the EU regulatory bodies. As such, many business opportunities can appear on the Belgian market and investors who are considering opening a business here can develop their companies in a fast manner, as the local authorities provide various incentives, available for different industries. At the same time, it is important to know that there are several methods in which a business can be grown in a faster manner and they refer to the company’s strategies, customers, price policies and many others. Our team of Belgium company formation representatives can offer more details on how to enhance the value of a company. 

Belgium Economic Forecast Indicates Growth


A recently released report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) indicates that Belgium’s economic growth will strengthen slowly. Experts believe that foreign investments will be aided by the favorable fiscal conditions and this will be one of the key elements that will help the country regain its economic strength and investor confidence. If you are a foreign investor looking to open a company in Belgium, our experts can help you.

Belgium Wants to Attract More Korean Investments


Belgium aims on its business and tax regimes to attract more foreign investments from Korea. During a recent seminar held in Seoul, Belgian officials highlighted the advantages their country has to offer and reminded the Koreans that productivity is important but it must be accompanied by creativity – which can be improved in a favorable business environment like that in Belgium.

Increased Trade Between British Columbia and Belgium


A Belgian delegation, including Princess Astrid, is currently in a visit to British Columbia and Alberta for the promotion of Belgian companies and for strengthening the ties between Canada and the European country. Foreign investors from Canada in Belgium can benefit from a better collaboration between the two countries. Belgium is working on improving its international ties with a number of important markets, including Asia.

Belgium to Introduce Labor Tax Cuts


A tax shift is planned in Belgium in order to reduce the tax burden on labor and increase employment in Belgium. The change is part of the Government-approved Federal Budget for 2015-2016 which also includes important changes for VAT and excise duties. Our company registration experts in Belgium can help you know everything about the taxes levied imposed on individual income and compliance for annual filing.

Proposal to Charge VAT in Belgium upon Invoice Issuance


The chargeability of VAT in Belgium will be changed if a new set of rules will be enacted. A draft law has been proposed in order to revise the rules to charge the value added tax. According to the new rules, VAT will generally be charged upon the issuance of the invoice. The draft law is still subject to revisions but our Belgian company formation experts can help you if you want to know more about VAT provisions in the country.