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Increased Trade Between British Columbia and Belgium

Written by: Bridgewest

Increased-Trade-Between-British-Columbia-and-Belgium.jpgA Belgian delegation, including Princess Astrid, is currently in a visit to British Columbia and Alberta for the promotion of Belgian companies and for strengthening the ties between Canada and the European country. Foreign investors from Canada in Belgium can benefit from a better collaboration between the two countries. Belgium is working on improving its international ties with a number of important markets, including Asia.

Diversified economic collaboration

The Belgian delegation is currently on a week-long trip to Canada to strengthen existing economic relations and to diversify possible foreign investments to and from Belgium. Raoul Delcorde, Belgium’s ambassador to Canada marked the importance of this collaboration and of diversification pointing out that this is exactly what both countries (Canada and Belgium) want at the moment.
Belgium and Canada already has a good trade relationship with Belgium investing several billions of euros in Canada every year. But even so, officials believe there is room to grow. Although trade and investment between the two countries is already established, Belgian officials believe that they have numerous opportunities in Western Canadaian areas not so much explored by Belgian investors.

Canadian investments in Belgium

Belgian businesses have asked the government to strengthen the existing economic ties with Western Canada and this partnership has the potential to open other European markets to Canadian companies. Belgium is known for its good location in Europe and for its large port in Antwerp. This is a strategic location for any import and export company that wants to base its logistics center or headquarters in a highly accessible market.
During the visit, the Canadian parties have also highlighted other strong points in Belgium: they pointed out that the country is not only a well-known producer of chocolate and beer but also has great potential for development in certain niches like electronic production. 
Belgium has a favorable legislation for foreign investments. If you are a Canadian investor who would like to know more about applicable laws and regulations and open a company in Belgium you can contact our experts.