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Cost of Living in Belgium

Written by: Bridgewest

Cost-of-Living-in-Belgium.jpgWhen setting up a company in Belgium, the investors should also analyse what will be the general costs of living in one of the country’s cities. Of course, one of the most expensive cities in Belgium is Bruxelles, the largest city of the state. The cost of living in Belgium refers to many aspects, from the price of the food, accommodation, transportation, healthcare and many others. Our team of Belgian company formation representatives can provide an in-depth analysis on the general prices applicable here. 

The cost of living in Belgium cities

Belgium is a very important economy of the European Union (EU), being the home of the EU’s main institutions. Belgium has several important cities, where the cost of living is higher than in other regions. For example, Mons is the most expensive city in Belgium, followed at a short distance by Bruxelles and Antwerpen. The least expensive cities in Belgium are Leuven and Liege

Accommodation and utilities costs in Belgium 

One of the most important aspects when relocating to Belgium refers to the accommodation costs. In this case, the persons will have to decide whether to buy a real estate property or to rent a place in the city they prefer. However, most of the persons are seeking to rent an apartment here, and prices can vary from EUR 700 (if the apartment is unfurnished) to EUR 1,400. 
The cost of utilities is generally estimated at the value of EUR 140, while the cost for internet services is of EUR 40; our team of Belgian company formation representatives can offer more details on this matter. 

Transportation costs in Belgium  

There are several ways in which individuals can use transportation in Belgium: driving a personal car, using the public transportation or using the taxi services. 
The price for public transportation (using the city trains) is around EUR 2, while the cost per kilometre when using the taxi is around EUR 1,80. 
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the costs of living in Belgium can address to our team of Belgian company incorporation representatives