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Company Formation Belgium



5 Ideas for Small Businesses in Belgium

Written by: Editor

5-Ideas-for-Small-Businesses-in-Belgium.jpgWhen deciding to open a company in Belgium choosing the size of the company will have much to do with the available capital as well as with the business field. Small businesses that promote a great and innovative product or service have good chances of expanding on the Belgian market. The country is welcoming for foreign entrepreneurs and offers a multitude of opportunities for investments. Find out what are some ideas for starting small in Belgium.

Small business ideas in Belgium

The following list of ideas is a rough guide that may be suited for those investors who have a relatively small start-up capital
Delivery services
Opening a delivering company is possible for those entrepreneurs who have one or more vehicles and have organizational skills. Delivering organic vegetables as well as other products in a local area can be a suitable idea for a small business in Belgium. Hauling services can also be included in this category. 
Cleaning services
Setting up a cleaning services company can be done with a low initial investment and with a minimum number of employees in Belgium. As the business expands, the owner may choose to extend to other Belgian cities apart from the one where the company is registered. 
Selling products and services online is a good idea to get started in Belgium. Investors who want to exploit this field can buy and resell items or they can provide their own personalized products. Minimum licensing is needed and investors can work from home.
Landscaping services:
Gardening is popular among many people and those who do not have the time to do it themselves will still need to tend to their garden. Some knowledge of landscaping and design are needed and a good knowledge of plants.
Small café/ restaurant:
Although maybe not so low budget as the rest of the suggestions, starting a café or a restaurant in Belgium can be a good idea. Investors will need to get special permits and licenses.

Getting a business started in Belgium

Entrepreneurs who want to open a small business will usually choose between forming a partnership or a private limited liability company. The partnership in Belgium has two forms and may be incorporated by two or more individuals who share common business goals. 
Freelancers can set-up a sole trader, although our company registration agents in Belgium recommend that you consider the characteristics of this simpler business form. 
Setting up a company in Belgium is straightforward and, when all the company documents are in order, it will only take a few days. Several steps are mandatory before actually registering the new business. These are choosing an original business name and opening a bank account.
You can contact us if you want to open a company in Belgium and are looking for professional advice and assistance. 


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