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More Opportunities for Belgian-Indian Trade

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More-Opportunities-for-Belgian-Indian-Trade.jpgBelgium and India have a well-developed bilateral trade, particularly in the diamond sector. However, experts believe that there is much room for improvement, especially in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical sector. Find out more about the Belgian-Indian trade relations and how you can open a company in Belgium if you are an Indian entrepreneur. 

A more diverse Belgian-Indian bilateral trade

Mumbai and Antwerp have traditionally had an important trade relation in the diamond sector. Now, Foreign Trade officials from both Belgium and India are looking beyond this particular business field and exploring new ways to engage in more bilateral trade.
Two favored business fields seem to be the pharmaceutical and the petrochemical sectors. In a recent interview in India, Belgium’s Foreign Trade Secretary of State in India, Pieter De Crem said that the two countries could explore these business fields, along with healthcare and machinery. 
Approximately 80 new Indian companies opened branches or subsidiaries in Belgium last year. The top business sectors were IT and software but important business opportunities can be found in other business sectors as well.
The volume of trade between India and Belgium grew by more than 4% in 2016 compared to 2015, as per the data released by the Belgian Foreign Trade Agency.
Company formation in Belgium is straightforward for foreign investors and Indian businessmen can request the services of a company formation agent in the country. 

Company formation in Belgium

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