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New Advantages for Both Employers and Employees in Belgium

Written by: Editor

The so-called “Summer Pact”, a set of fiscal and labor measures, has entered into force and its implementation is expected to begin as soon as possible. The main changes concern a profit bonus for employees, more flexi-jobs and new provisions for working in the e-commerce sector. Our Belgian company formation agents highlight the main set of measures included in the pact and can help you with adequate counseling on how these can potentially aid your business.

The new profit bonus 

Employees in Belgium can now enter into a new bonus scheme that is limited under 30 percent of the total gross wage. This bonus cannot replace existing benefits or the actual remuneration and it can be only awarded up to a certain level (not available for some executive levels). Employers in Belgium are also advantaged because this bonus is taxed at a much lower level than usual bonuses and no employer’s social security contributions apply.

More categories of jobs included in the “flexi” regime

Flexi-jobs are a special category of jobs that benefit from a preferential tax and social security regime. The category is extended now and it will include not only the hotel and catering industry but also hotel businesses, foreign exchange, trade in food products or independent retail.

Changes in the e-commerce sector

In an attempt to streamline the regime for e-commerce companies, Belgian officials have introduced a set of laws that will allow employers to include Sunday work if such work will involve e-commerce and new criteria will be in place for signing collective bargaining agreements.
Other fiscal novelties included in the summer pact include a different social security contribution for supplementary pensions and the exclusion of the non-recurring result-related benefits from the social plans in case of a layoff. One of our agents who specialize in company registration in Belgium can give you more details.
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