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Open a Dental Clinic in Belgium

Updated on Tuesday 14th September 2021

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Open-a-Dental-Clinic-in-Belgium.jpgIn Belgium, dentists practice their vocation according to the conditions for regulated healthcare professions in the country. A distinction is made between a dentist and a specialty dentist, one who has chosen to specialize as a periodontist or as an orthodontist.
In order to open a dental clinic in Belgium, and have the right to practice in general, dentists will need to have a degree and complete the traineeship.
Many dentists in Belgium are employed in dental clinics, although some will choose to work in a private practice. Belgium is an attractive country for physicians and dentists because of the high quality of life and the fact that the working conditions offer a satisfactory income. This is one of the main reasons to open a dental clinic in Belgium, especially for those dentists who have already worked in the country and are accustomed to the requirements and the system.
Company registration in Belgium is not a complicated process and it is mandatory when starting a dental clinic.

Dental services in Belgium

Dental clinics and treatment centers in Belgium offer a wide range of services for patients. Some of these services can include:
  • - Cosmetic dentistry: teeth whitening as well as veneers (porcelain caps to offer a pleasing appearance to damaged teeth).
  • - Dental implants: complete tooth replacements, the most suitable solution for many patients.
  • - Periodontology: complete treatment for gum problems, also known as periodontal disease, according to severity.
  • - Orthodontics: another area of specialty dentistry, orthodontists treat all issues related to straightening the teeth.
  • - Endodontics: root canal treatments when teeth are infected or when inflammation is present, as well as proper sealing. 
Belgian dental clinics can specialize in selected procedures. One example is dental implants: a procedure that is usually costlier and lengthier than others and that will require the skills of an experienced team. Our agents can help you open a company in this industry and can also assist you if you need VAT registration services in Belgium.

Open a company in Belgium

When they choose to open a Belgian company, dentists or entrepreneurs, in general, will need to choose a suitable business form and check the name of the company. A preliminary name check can be performed using our online tool and this step is useful especially if the name of the company will be the same as the name of the dental clinic.
You can contact our agents who specialize in Belgian company formation for detailed answers about the steps that need to be fulfilled in order to start a dental clinic.

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