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Open an Amazon Store in Belgium

Updated on Thursday 07th May 2020

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Open-an-Amazon- Store-in-Belgium.jpgAmazon is the largest international online retailer, with separate retail websites for the United States, several countries in Europe, Canada, China, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Australia.
Because it is located in the heart of Europe, investors can open an Amazon store in Belgium by becoming third-party sellers.
The investments in infrastructure in Europe continue and Amazon has been recruiting a large number of employees. The online platform unites customers from all across the EU. Through its European headquarters, and third-party seller collaborations, Amazon Europe contributed to the expansion of companies throughout the European Union.
Our agents who specialize in company formation in Belgium highlight the main issues to take into consideration when setting up an Amazon store in the country.

Advantages of starting an Amazon store in Belgium

Amazon Europe is a significant market, with a considerable size and largely the second most prolific market after Amazon United States. Expanding the business to Europe means having access to millions of new customers. 
Belgium is an attractive location to base an Amazon store in Europe because of its central location and very well-developed transportation network, which facilitates the transport of orders throughout Europe and the neighboring countries like France, Germany or the Netherlands – important markets themselves. There are no trade restrictions and Belgium is considered an entrepreneur-friendly country with a very open economy.
Belgium is a multilingual country and there are many foreign entrepreneurs and foreign employees living and working here.
The workforce in Belgium is well-qualified and multilingual, making it an important advantage for entrepreneurs who want to hire staff that can handle international orders and shipping. 
These characteristics are important for Amazon third-party sellers but also for all others who want to open a company in Belgium

Opening and operating an Amazon store in Belgium 

Third-party Amazon sellers in Belgium need to have a registered company. The type of legal entity chosen for this purpose is entirely up to the owner, however, a popular choice is the BVBA/SPRL or the Belgian equivalent of the private limited liability company. Moreover, Amazon sellers in Belgium need to be registered for tax purposes.
Investors who start an Amazon business in Belgium should consider implementing the adequate payment methods. Having a merchant account is very important and it can be arranged with the Belgian bank with which the company has its corporate account. Another widely used payment option is PayPal, an online portal for money transfer and payment.
Our Belgian company formation agents can give you additional information on online businesses and how to register a company for your Amazon store in Belgium
You can contact us if you want to open a company in Belgium in any other business field and need professional advice and assistance.

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