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Company Formation Belgium



Company Register Belgium

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Company-Register-Belgium.jpgWhat is the Belgian trade register?

The Belgian Trade Register is represented by the Central Commercial Register and falls under the management and administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Middle Classes in Belgium. The main role of this institution is to register companies, keep all important documents of registered companies and maintain a good communication between the legal entities and the state authorities.  The Central Commercial Register in Belgium is managed by the Coface Services Belgium, the executive distributor of Banque Carrefour de Entreprises. This institution has the role to collect information on all types of companies in Belgium, as well as to monitor the companies and inform about irregularities, such as bankruptcy or delay in paying the taxes.

How can a company register with the Belgian trade register?

When a company is registered in Belgium, it must register with the Belgian Central Commercial Register before starting its activity. The procedure is rather simple and can be performed by submitting an application form, together with the articles of association, the company charter, the legal address of the company, the names of the shareholders and other members, the share capital and the business activity of the company. The application must be accepted in order for the registration certificate to be issued. In some cases, the authorities might require additional information before confirming the company registration in Belgium. Any changes that appear must be notified to the Central Commercial Register of Belgium.

How can I have access to the Belgian trade register?

Anyone can create a user account on the website and use the online system in order to access the database of the Central Commercial Register of Belgium. The searching process can be made easier if some criteria is applied, such as the company’s name, the date of incorporation or the names of the shareholders. This online system is also fully functional in other European contries like Cyprus or Ireland


For more information and personalized and qualified assistance in registering your Belgian company please feel free to contact our company formation specialists. In case you need company registration services in other countries, we can put you in touch with our partners from Slovenia or Slovakia.



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