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Why Start a Courier Business in Belgium?

Updated on Thursday 14th December 2017

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Why-Start-a-Courier-Business-in-Belgium.jpgCourier companies in Belgium provide transport and logistics solutions to their corporate and individual customers. These types of companies offer shipping, re-shipping, pickup and package tracking services to companies in various business fields, from services companies to clothes or food manufacturers who need transport solutions. 
Investors who want to start a courier business in Belgium have access to a large pool of clients and a well-developed transport infrastructure throughout the country. Moreover, company registration in Belgium is a simple process, with a minimum number of steps. 

Courier services in Belgium

Courier companies in Belgium offer their services to private and corporate clients. Business-to-customer services or business-to-business services are tailored to the needs of the clients and to the particularities of the items they need shipping for. Larger companies in Belgium also provide shipping solutions for retailers.
One of the main reasons to open a courier business in Belgium is the country’s favorable location. Because Belgium has a central location in Europe, many courier and package delivery companies offer deliveries to neighboring countries like Germany, France or even the United Kingdom. You can choose to base your courier business in one of the main Belgian cities like Brussels, Ghent or Antwerp and then expand your services to other cities and finally to neighboring countries. 
Investors in Belgium can also look for franchise opportunities for a courier business in Belgium. One of our Belgian company formation agents can give you details about the franchising requirements in Belgium and how you can explore this option if you want to start a courier business.

Company formation in Belgium

Opening a courier business starts with the basic steps for company registration in Belgium:
- choosing a type of company and an available business name;
- preparing the business plan and the company’s documents; 
- opening a bank account and depositing the minimum share capital;
- publishing the Articles of Incorporation in the Belgian Official Journal;
- registering the company with the Crossroad Bank for Enterprises;
- registering for VAT; 
- handling the formalities for hiring employees.
One of our company registration agents in Belgium can help you during any or all of these steps. Contact us for more information on how to start a courier business in the country.

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