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Set Up a Cryptocurrency Company in Belgium

Updated on Monday 05th March 2018

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Set-Up-a-Cryptocurrency-Company-in-Belgium.jpgCryptocurrency companies are gaining more popularity, along with the growing financial services and financial technology industry. Belgium has yet to formulate a complete regulatory framework for virtual currencies, however, Government officials have expressed their interest in supporting a legislation that would allow a certain level of control over these currencies. 
In order to set up a cryptocurrency company in Belgium, investors need to observe the local incorporation laws but also the provisions of the local tax and financial regulatory authorities. Our company formation agents in Belgium can help you open a cryptocurrency company.
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Cryptocurrency companies in Belgium

Virtual currencies are known as cryptocurrencies because of the cryptography they use for security. This provides them with a significant security feature and makes them difficult to counterfeit. Moreover, a feature that is appealing to many investors is that a state central authority does not issue this currency and it is thus invulnerable to Government manipulation. 
Cryptocurrency companies allow individuals to buy, store and deal in virtual currencies. The most popular one is Bitcoin but other competitors have also emerged since the first one was launched in 2009. Bitcoin Exchange platforms have also been developed and they act much like a traditional stock exchange.
Investors who want to open a cryptocurrency company in Belgium can ask one of our company formation experts in Belgium for more information on specific issues such as the smallest cryptocurrency units or the digital copy as one of the security features available on this platforms.

Company formation in Belgium

In order to open a company in Belgium that deals in cryptocurrency or uses blockchain, investors will need to follow the basic incorporation and registration steps.
There are several types of companies that may be opened by foreign investors in Belgium and full foreign ownership is permitted in the country. All companies are registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises. Once the company receives its number it will also be used as a VAT number.
One of Belgian company formation agents can help you with detailed information on the incorporation process and the start-up costs. Contact us for more details and advice on company formation.

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